Terms & Conditions

1. Security policy

Mường Thanh Corporation is always aware that operation and development of Mường Thanh  are based on the cooperation and trust of the customers to us. To strengthen and develop this relation, Mường Thanh Corporation shall pay the best efforts to protect all information provided by the customers. Thus, the storage and use of private information provided by the customers to Mường Thanh shall strictly conform to the following principles:

Information requested to provide from the customers is relevant and necessary information so that Mường Thanh can understand clearly demand from the customers and ensure the safe and convenient management, exploitation and operation of the website;

The storage and use of private information provided by the customers shall be carried out in systematic, accurate and updated way to ensure the maximum benefits of the customers when exploiting and using the services and products provided by Mường Thanh;

Mường Thanh commits to not disclose any private information provided by the customers to any third individual, organization except accepted by the customers or required by the law;

Mường Thanh shall maintain the security system strictly to store and protect information provided by the customers from any illegal access;

The access to private information provided by the customers and staff of Mường Thanh shall conform to regulations on security of Mường Thanh.

2. Information on the website

Products/services introduced in this website shall be provided legally by Mường Thanh  and only for reference. The users are not permitted to consider such information as offer for sales or offer except otherwise regulated or agreed by Mường Thanh.

Also the construction and design of information and documents on this website are carried out with maximum care, Mường Thanh shall not guarantee on virus-free or other damages or accuracy, suitability for any particular purpose of information, documents posted on this website and other websites connected to this website. At the same time, Mường Thanh reserves the rights to change, update and improve such information and documents without prior notice.

Information posted on this website is for reference only and is not for any professional consultancy purpose. Please contact us to get advices on detailed information.

3. Copyright and trademark

Mường Thanh is the owner of trademarks, symbols and labels of products/services posted on this website. Any individual, organization is not permitted to use any trademarks, symbols and labels of such products or services without written consent from Mường Thanh.

Information, documents on this website can be the object to be protected in accordance with intellectual protection law. No individual, organization is permitted to amend, copy, store, forward, stimulate, distribute, use for commercial or public purpose a part or the whole documents above without written consent from Mường Thanh.

4. Connected websites

Mường Thanh and member companies shall not be responsible for contents or information and documents from any other websites connected to this website. When accessing and using of contents, information and documents from other websites connected to this website, the customers shall bear all risks and conform to terms and conditions applied for such access/use.

5. Data transmission through Internet

Due to features of Internet, transactions may be interrupted, signals may be lost, data transmission may be slow or incorrect, Mường Thanh shall not be responsible for functional mistakes of communication equipments beyond the control of Mường Thanh which cause effects on accuracy or time for receiving and sending information as well as transactions carried out by the customers.

6. Recommendations on information security

To improve the security for private information, the customers should be care in using and protecting your own private information by conforming to the following rules:

Not disclose name/user name and/or password to any person, not write or use in the places where other person can see or know.

When selecting password, the customers should not select easy information such as full name, date of birth, telephone number or some characters or number which can be easily guessed from your name, date of birth, telephone number.

Sign out from the system and browser when leaving the computer, even in a short time.

Change the password immediately if it is double to be disclosed, in necessary case, the customers should inform and request for assistance from Mường Thanh.

In case any illegal transaction or action are carried out relating to your account or private information without authority or due to mistakes intentionally or unintentionally  from the customers, Mường Thanh understand that you shall bear all losses and responsibilities in accordance with the law when such transaction or action is carried out.

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