About us
Mường Thanh Hospitality

“Relaxing moment, touching sincerity” 

At Mường Thanh Luxury, we invite you to join the journey to a peaceful space filled with the cultural specificities imbued in the spirit and identity of Vietnamese, where people are connected and cordially share sincere feelings. Across all areas of beautiful Vietnam and other South East Asian countries, Mường Thanh accompanies you everywhere, in every journey, at all stages of your life.  

From our very first hotel located in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam, Mường Thanh Hotel Group has been developed as the high-end, international standard hotel chain with almost 60 member hotels, spread all over Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. Mường Thanh Hotel chain is divided into 4 segments: Mường Thanh Luxury, Mường Thanh Grand, Mường Thanh Holiday and Mường Thanh, with a vision to fulfilling all domestic and inernational customers’ various needs. From the pristine nature of mountainous areas, through the rich deltas, along the coasts to the dynamic urban areas, big cities,... Mường Thanh hotel chain accompanies and brings great joy, trust and contentment for Vietnamese and foreign tourists. 

Our strategic vision for development, the desire to offer premium products and service, to create a great world of high-level service, Mường Thanh Hotel Group has expanded to new fields such as entertainment, sports, sourvenirs and gifts, etc. Our Brands are Mường Thanh Safari Dien Lam (the biggest zoo in Northern Vietnam), VRC (multi-functional entertainment centre), Fitness Plus (5-star Yoga & Fitness Centre), Dreamkids (Kids’ playground and education zone), Hoa Ban Gift Shop (high-class souvenirs shop chain), etc., all enjoy success and serving thousands of customers, meet the increasingly high demands of various customers, with a committed attitude from the bottom of our heart. 

The firm steps which have been taken by Mường Thanh Hotel Group will be an important step on the path of sustainable development and strong growth for Mường Thanh, not only within the Vietnam, but also on the international market. With a long path ahead, Mường Thanh opens up new potential, materializing its ambition to become the representative of Vietnam hospitality industry and make Viet’s hotel mark on the world map


Lighting up the map of Vietnam hospitality industry, and acquiring a solid status for its self, Mường Thanh Hospitality has built a position in the hearts and minds of guests from home and abroad. As the biggest privately-owned hotel chain in Indochina, Mường Thanh proudly owns almost 60 hotels with a capacity of over 12,000 rooms, creating job opportunities and working environments for over 10,000 workers, contributing thousands of billion VND to the national budget each year. 

Such impressive achievements have been gained and developed over the last 30 years, thanks to the drive and enthusiasm to continually improve and develop our business, bringing sustainable benefits for our country and for Vietnamese people.

Mission & Vision
Sustainable Development

Accompanying with the locality to develop economy - sustainable tourism environment.

We believe sustainable development will be the right direction for all business activities. Therefore, Mường Thanh Hospitality always insists on its business philosophy, which has been associated with the mission of preserving and developing Vietnamese values. We implement and promote conservation activities and introduce Vietnamese beauty and unique culture of Vietnamese peoples. We also strive to contribute to the development of the local economy by expanding large-scale investments in many developing economic regions, creating thousands of jobs, training human resources in the tourism industry. calendar. Besides, there are many other activities for the community.

Mường Thanh Hospitality expects to grow strongly and sustainably in the future. We look forward to accompanying the development of our society and country.

Mường Thanh