Mường Thanh Hospitality is recognized as “Indochina’s largest hotel chain”, with a network of nearly 60 hotels and hotel projects all over Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Mường Thanh is dedicated to the improvement of local labour, creating job opportunities and helping to stabilize the lives of over 10,000 labours of more than 33 cities domestically and internationally.

03 reasons to work with Mường Thanh
Comprehensive self-development

Mường Thanh creates favorable opportunities and the best conditions for each person to develop their professional abilities and profoundly improve themselves. Mường Thanh people are encouraged to join in both internal and external short/middle/long term training courses. Training course topics are diverse, appealing and not limited, varying from knowledge, soft skills, professional skills, management methodology, etc. to life balancing, health care, etc. The eagerness to learn is considered an essential lever for Mường Thanh’s growth, an efficient tool to help staff to not only work well in their current position, but also prepare themselves for higher position in the future.

Open opportunities for career advancement

The large and wide scale of development in many localities creates a large volume of opportunities for promotion and rotation for potential employees. Along with the operation of "Learning Enterprises" and its open human resource policy, Mường Thanh is serious and effective in making improvements for knowledgeable, skilled and efficient employees who are willing to commit and improve themselves to be successful at Mường Thanh.

Unique corporate culture

In addition to ensuring a working environment with attractive benefits, Mường Thanh also pays close attention to investing in the spiritual care of its staff. Every year, large-scale events with their own unique identity such as Tet Mường Thanh, The Mường Thanh Festivals, etc., are held to create and renew corporate culture, which is derived from the pride, sincere affection, connection and the spirit of the eagle within Mường Thanh people.

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