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Mường Thanh Hospitality - The largest hotel chain in Vietnam - operates 50 hotels nationwide amongst which is the highest hotel building in Vientian, Laos. We own more than 6,500 rooms and have 8,700 employees, all of whom are Vietnamese. The careful blend of our national characteristics and our modern style makes our hotels a unique and memorable experience for each and every customer. 

According to the folklore of the Thai people who inhabit the North-West of Vietnam, Mường Thanh is an old Thai word for “paradise”. The north-west is one of the traditional homes of the Thai people and is also where Thai culture begins in South West Asia. The first Mường Thanh Hotel was built in Dien Bien Phu and was inspired by an enthusiasm to create ‘a serene space” within the image of Mường Thanh human‘s open soul. 

With over 17 years of experiences of hospitality, Mường Thanh Hospitality is expanding itself, extending its scope of services and upgrading service quality to offer all guests the pure taste of regional cultures throughout the territory of Vietnam.
Market segmentation is about dividing customers into groupings that are in some way similar or the same. Muong Thanh Hospitality now is dividing the market in 4 of the most common are described below: 

Mường Thanh Luxury: an upscale brand of Mường Thanh Hospitality, offers travelers hotels located in Vietnam’s major city centers, business districts and tourist destinations

Being favorably located in the prime location of large cities, 4-star Mường Thanh Grand has brought great pleasure to for all guests travelling for leisure, business, special occasions, conventions and conferences. The magnificent combination between the cultural culinary traditions of ancient villages in the mountains of Vietnam, and modern architecture & facilities of Mường Thanh Grand Hotels will surely enhance customers “A relaxing moment, a touching sincerity”.

Mường Thanh Holiday is a collection of 4 star hotels which are mostly located near tourism attractions with their own characters and identities. The hotels will bring guest unforgettable experiences of local culture as well as unique atmosphere.

Mường Thanh are the most long-standing ones of our hotel group, which are tied to the group’s history. They will be the best choices for travelers looking for affordable accommodations with high quality service. Their significant Mường Thanh colors are harmonized with the culture and the sincerity of local people.

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