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Enroll Muong Thanh Privilege Card to enjoy the best flexible room rate as well as many other special benefits.


1. Do I have to pay for enrolling Muong Thanh Privilege Card?

It is free of charge for Valued Guest to join Muong Thanh Privilege Card. Guest can find Registration Form at Front Desk of our Muong Thanh hotels or contact Customer Service Centre by Hotline 19001833 and email to get free enrollment.

2. How long will my membership be expired?

Member & Privilege Cards take effect for 1 year since the issued date.

 - Member card: If the point earned is less than 1 point (as consuming less than VND 1,000,000) in 1 year, the card will be expired and unvalid.

- Privilege card: If the point earned is 0 (as no consumption) in 1 year, the card will be expired.

3. If I am Member Card holder, after 1 year I spend more than VND 1 million but it is not enough to upgrade to Privilege Card holder. Will my membership be expired then?

Member Card will be upgraded to Privilege Card when Guests spend VND 40.000.000 at minimum (as 4.000 reward points) in 1 year. However, If Guest can’t earn 4.000 reward points, membership will be maintained same points for Guest to earn in the next 1 year.

4. If I am Privilege Card holder, can I get 10% discount on total bill at any bar, karaoke, spa facilities of Muong Thanh hotels?

Privilege Card holder can enjoy 10% discount on total bill (before tax) at Bar, Karaoke, Spa facilities of Muong Thanh Hotels listed in file attached.

5. I am a member of Muong Thanh Privilege Card. Can I transfer my membership to another person when I can’t show up at Muong Thanh hotels?

The Muong Thanh Privilege Card Program’s terms state that: Card holder must be actual guest, settle direct payment at hotel, not through the 3rd party billing. Therefore Valued Guest can’t transfer member to the 3rd person.


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